Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short Film

Heres a few design explorations for a short film idea. I'm going to try make it over the next few months. Not sure which one I prefer, feedback welcome!


paddygam said...


Kristian Duffy said...

Hmm, the strongest of the 3 at the moment is the 3rd one (black background).

My brain is telling me to like the first one cos I've never really liked black-board style animation, but there's something making me feel uneasy about the grey.

Have you thought about trying a murky (faint) dark blue in the background of the first 2?

Kristian Duffy said...

Damn it posted before I was finished.

In the first one again, try having a less contrasted light tone for the sea, that may be it. I know it's moonlight but looking at the image in thumbnail form makes the sea really stick out.

I really like that hairy linework texturing on the house and tree, it would be a shame to lose that if you went for number 3.

Love the whole thing either way, I can't wait to see it complete.

Polyminthe said...

I'd say the last two ones. But the last one reads really better.
Because the characters are so strong in white outline, it's good the BG reads nicely with a white outline too. It all feels linked and logical.

2 said...

i like the 2nd two.
Is the water in the backround important, because at the moment its very dominant (but im sure thats what you want.)

Looks interesting :)

Chris O'Hara said...

The water is a part of the story but I am going to tone it down. Cheers for the feedback guys!